The Secret Life of Solo Trekkers

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, April 2016

Reflections on how traveling solo enriches your life, from prominent travelers around the world. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, April 2016)

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The Splitboarding Show Must Go On

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, March 2016

A helmet can save your life when you’re learning how to splitboard in the northern California mountains during a warm winter. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, March 2016)

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Of Dogs and Men, At Thirty Below

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, January 2016

Learning how to dogsled like the old mushers of Quebec, isn’t as easy as it seems. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, January 2016)

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The Wild, Wild West Bank: A tale of Bedouins and bladders

Travelers' Tales: Best Travel Writing, March 2016

A narrative of hiking through the desert of the Palestinian West Bank with a partner who overhydrated — the “Bad Trip” Silver Certificate Winner in the tenth annual Solas Awards. (Travelers’ Tales’ Best Travel Writing, March 2016)

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Into the Abyss: A deep dive into an underwater art world, April 2017

Scuba diving the underwater art galleries with works from Jason deCaires Taylor started in Grenada, but has made its way across the Atlantic. (, April 2017)

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Mountains and Motown: Why Kyrgyzstan left me speechless, April 2017

A narrative about horseback riding and living with the locals in the Lake Issyk region of northern Kyrgyzstan. (, April 2017)

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Sourtoe Cocktail: A boozy challenge involving human remains, April 2017

In the historic gold mining city of Dawson in the Canada’s Yukon, a particular drinking challenge involves a severed human toe. (, April 2017)

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5 Cycling Tours for Foodies

Furthermore from Equinox, April 2017

A round-up of culinary cycling tours, where you burn off what you eat, each day on a bike. (Furthermore from Equinox, April 2017)

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5 Best Places to Go Heli-skiing

Furthermore from Equinox, March 2017

A round-up of the best places to find powder via helicopter. (Furthermore from Equinox, March 2017)

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The Glutton’s Guide to Adventure

Tasting Table, April 2017

A round-up of six of the world’s best active culinary vacations. (Tasting Table, April 2017)

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The Other Side of Central Park

JetBlue's Out of the Blue, March 2016

New York’s Central Park is a popular spot for tourists, but the northern area beyond the crowds provides a more tranquil experience. (JetBlue’s Out of the Blue, March 2016)

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Trekking into Peru’s Colca Canyon

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, June 2015

Working in corporate America, there’s a good chance you’re all too familiar with the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out your allotted vacation/personal/sick days to maximize your time out in the world. Follow along on a story where cubicles are left behind for a taste of ultimate freedom. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, June 2015)

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The Wild, Wild West Bank

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, September 2015

Hiking in the Palestinian West Bank is no easy feat—especially when you get lost and you’re low on water. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, September 2015)

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Best Trips 2016: Philippines

National Geographic Traveler (print & digital), December 2015/January 2016

In every family, there’s always an odd one out—and in the clan of Asia-Pacific nations, that member would be the Philippines.

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No Snow? No Problem!

Drive - The Magazine From Subaru, Winter 2015/16

Sandboarding has become an increasingly popular sport, particularly in Colorado’s Great Dunes National Park. (Drive - The Magazine From Subaru, Winter 2015/16)

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Freeski To The Extreme

Drive - The Magazine From Subaru, Winter 2015/16

It takes a bit of fearlessness to tackle the backcountry when freeskiing the mountains of Telluride, CO. (Drive - The Magazine From Subaru, Winter 2015/16)

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Discovering Banff’s Next Door Neighbor

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, August 2015

Outside the popular Banff National Park, there are still spectacular sights and trails nearby. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, August 2015)

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Ascending to the Roof of Africa

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, August 2015

Trekking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro’s Marangu Route isn’t as easy as it seems. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, August 2015)

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Where to Find Traditional Eats in Modern Macau

National Geographic Travel, October 2015

Behind the casinos of the “Las Vegas of the East” is the traditional cooking heritage of the Chinese region of Macau, a fusion of Portuguese, Chinese, and African influence.  (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, October 2015)

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Namibia’s Landscape Safari

National Geographic Travel, June 2015

Many African countries are known for their wildlife, but in Namibia, it’s all about experience the different landscapes. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, June 2015)

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Enter the Sambadrome: Shimmying Through Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Puddingstone Post, February 2015

An anecdote about participating in the big Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Puddingstone Post, February 2015)

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On Safari, Meeting Namibia’s Most Laid-Back Black Rhino

Puddingstone Post, November 2014

An anecdote about desert rhino trekking in Damaraland, Namibia. (November 2014)

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A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Oktoberfest

Puddingstone Post, September 2014

An anecdote about attending Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. (Puddingstone Post, September 2014).

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In Rwanda, Watching Gorillas In My Midst

Puddingstone Post, June 2014

An anecdote about gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. (Puddingstone Post, June 2014)

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La Tomatina, Valencia’s Biggest Food Fight

Puddingstone Post, August 2014

An anecdote about La Tomatina, the post-harvest tomato throwing celebration in Valencia, Spain. (Puddingstone Post, August 2014)

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In Pamplona, Run Like Your Life Depends On It (It Probably Does)

Puddingstone Post, July 2014

An anecdote about running with the bulls in Pamplona’s famous San Fermin Festival. (Puddingstone Post, July 2014)

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Watching “Hotel Rwanda” in the Hotel Rwanda

Puddingstone Post, May 2014

An article about genocide memorial tourism in Rwanda, commemorating the atrocities of 1994 (Puddingstone Post, May 2014)

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Glamping Review: Grootberg Lodge, Damaraland, Namibia, March 2015

A review of the Grootberg Lodge, a resort in the Damaraland region of northwestern Namibia. (, March 2015)

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Glamping Review: Sabuk Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya, February 2015

A review of the Sabuk Lodge, a resort in the Laikipia region of northern Kenya. (, February 2015)

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Pop Quiz: Can You Tell The Difference Between Fake Food And Real Food?

Epicurious, May 2014

A photographic quiz based on a visit to the Hangzhou Cuisine Museum in Hangzhou, China. (Epicurious, May 2014)

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Farm To Table: How Longjing Tea Is Hand-Processed In Hangzhou, China

Epicurious, May 2014

A tale about tea tourism in Hangzhou, China. (Epicurious, May 2014)

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Hardtail Rwanda

Gore-Tex presents Experience More, April 2015

Mountain biking down Rwanda’s western corridor brings adventure and cultural exchanges in a formerly war-torn African nation. (Gore-Tex presents Experience More, April 2015)

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How Angoulême, France Became a Street Art Capital

Condé Nast Traveler, May 2015

Street art is truly celebrated in the southwestern French town of Angoulême, the self-proclaimed “Capital of the Comic Strip.” In addition to a comic art school, museum, and annual international festival dedicated to bandes dessinée, it also has more than 20 commissioned murals. (Condé Nast Traveler, May 2015)

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Celebrate Your ‘Second Birthday’ Abroad

National Geographic Travel, September 2014

Name Day is a day celebrated in many Eastern European countries — particularly in Latvia, where this narrative takes place. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, September 2014)

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To Mush or Not to Mush: Dogsledding in Québec

National Geographic Travel, December 2014

A narrative of dogsledding in the boreal forest of the Québec, Canada. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, December 2014)

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Glamping Review: The Golden Eagle Tree House, Primland, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, USA, April 2014

A review of the Golden Eagle Tree House, at Primland, a mountain resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. (, April 2014)

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Glamping Review: Cottar’s 1920s Camp, Near Masai Mara National Park, Kenya, March 2014

A review of Cottar’s 1920s Camp, near Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, for the discerning glamorous camper. (, March 2014)

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Heli-Skiing 101

National Geographic Travel, March 2014

A narrative of heli-skiing in the Bugaboos Range of the Canadian Rockies — from a non-experienced skier. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, March 2014)

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DIY Olympics in the French Alps

National Geographic Travel, February 2014

A guide of winter Olympic activities in the French region that’s hosted the Winter Games three times — including the short-lived equestrian ski-joring. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, February 2014)

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Going Dutch in the Off Season

National Geographic Travel, January 2014

A guide of some of the activities you can do in the Netherlands during the winter months. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, January 2014)

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Making My Way Through Saguenay

National Geographic Travel, November 2013

A travel narrative about traveling through the Saguenay Fjord, and the culture of the locals found within. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, November 2013)

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Authentic, Staged, or Somewhere in Between?

National Geographic Travel, October 2013

A narrative commentary on whether or not culture shows retain their authenticity when performed amidst tourists in Papua New Guinea. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, October 2013)

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A Guide to Singapore’s Hawker Food Culture

National Geographic Travel, May 2013

A narrative guide to some of Singapore’s signature dishes, and the hawker food centers to find them. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, May 2013)

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‘Gorillas in the Mist’ Amidst Gorillas in the Mist

National Geographic Travel, May 2013

An article about gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda — with an affinity for puns. (National Geographic Intelligent Travel, May 2013)

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Coffee Crisp and Panorama Cars: Riding and Dining Through the Canadian Rockies

Saveur , September 2012

An article about riding through the Canadian Rockies from Vancouver to Edmonton via rail — eating, drinking, and meeting friendly Canadians along the way. (Saveur, September 2012)

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In Kenya, Edward Norton’s “Club” Fights for the Environment, the Animals, and the Maasai, April 2012

A look at the private conservation efforts outside the national parks in Kenya, and how it affects the local Masaai tribes. (, April 2012)

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How to Climb a Tree Like a Pro (or, How *Not* to Use Tree-Climbing Spikes), November 2011

A research report about the recreational sport of tree climbing, its techniques, its do’s — and its don’ts. (, November 2011)

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Geocaching for Beginners, November 2011

A beginner’s guide to the world of geocaching, a real life treasure hunt game in which participants use GPS devices to locate over a million objects hidden around the world. (, November 2011)

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How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World, December 2011

A step by step guide on how to tell your boss to “take this job and shove it” so you can follow your dream of traveling the world. (, originally published on, December 2011)

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Along The Trail Of Brotherhood

Travelers' Tales: Best Travel Writing, March 2008

A gripping tale of survival from the Everest trail — the Adventure Travel Silver Certificate Winner in the second annual Solas Awards. (Travelers’ Tales’ Best Travel Writing, March 2008)

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Meet The Maharaja

Destination Elsewhere, April 2007

Landing a one-on-one interview with the Maharaja of Jaipur doesn’t necessarily give you the exclusive you’d hoped for.

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City Shorts: New York

National Geographic Traveler, April 2007

Spring time in New York spawns the arrival of retro Central Park Skate Circle, an outdoor throwback to the hey-day of the roller disco.

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Mistaken Identities

Filipinas, April 2006

When traveling around the world as a Filipino-American with an indeterminable ethnic appearance, blending in as a local of over thirty nationalities can be both a blessing and curse.

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Because Drinking Out Of The Bottle Is Gauche

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, September 2005

In a “dry” country like Morocco, you learn how to improvise when you just have to have a glass of wine.

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The Season For Lookin’ Good On The Gauley

Chicago Tribune, September 4, 2005

When rafting the Gauley River in West Virginia, USA, surviving the raging whitewater rapids isn’t as nearly as important as looking good while doing so.

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Uluru (Ayers Rock) through Ancient Eyes

Travelmag, September 2003

Australia’s iconic rock formation is a sacred place, as seen by the Aboriginals who strive to keep it that way.

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Pretty In Pink

Travelers' Tales The Flying Carpet Editor's Choice, August 2003

At Montreal’s annual “Just For Laughs” comedy festival, slipping into a bra in public for comic value isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

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Growling Not Laughing

Travelmag, August 2003

With gruesome stories of hyena attacks on the brain, overcoming hyenaphobia is the hardest part of a safari through Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park.

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Taking The Polar Plunge

Lycos Asia Travel, July 2003

The ice cold waters off Antarctica’s shores don’t prevent the slightly-insane from taking a dip—or skinny-dipping either for that matter.

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Whiz Wit, July 2003

Asking for a “whiz wit” is all a part of the jargon when ordering an authentic cheese steak sandwich at Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philadelphia, USA.

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Down Under & Out, June 2003

In the country that brought the world Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, you can still take a “straight”-forward look into Sydney’s renowned gay scene.

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Candy From A Baby, May 2003

In the economically-depressed city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002, dealing with social unrest becomes a part of the journey.

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COCK-A-DOODLE-DIE!, April 2003

In the Philippines, cockfighting is a national pastime, complete with big arenas, shouting fans, and betting gamblers.

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In the Rocky Mountains, the World is Your Oyster. Sort of., March 2003

In Colorado, Rocky Mountain Oysters are the ballsiest thing you can eat on the menu.

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Black Tie Affair, January 2003

When you’re surrounded by the tuxedo-clad-looking penguins of Antarctica, any visit is a black tie affair.

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The Air France Fiasco, December 2002

Nothing makes you crazed at the beginning of a trip to Europe than having the airline loose your luggage.

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Wipe Out!

New York Post, December 10, 2002

At the Mountain Creek ski resort in Vernon, New Jersey, USA, catching air from a big snowboard jump can impress the spectators—but landing is a different story.

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COPS In Uruguay, November 2002

If you’re suave enough in Uruguay, you can talk any cop out of ticket.

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Follow That Bird, October 2002

If you find yourself bored in Key Largo, look to the birds.

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When You Wish Upon A Star (Altitude Sickness Will Flee Far), October 2002

With the undulating high altitudes of Peru’s Inca Trail, altitude sickness is an inevitable—but beatable—obstacle for some trekkers.

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When Good Parades Go Bad, September 2002

A parade is always fun—until it turns out it’s not a parade and the riot police is releasing tear gas.

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The Little Ghetto Van That Could, September 2002

Four days after Nine Eleven, you’ll do whatever you can to help out the recovery efforts in New York City.

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When he’s not making a living as an interactive/motion designer or playing with fast food, Erik R. Trinidad is a travel writer, blogger, video host and producer focusing on adventure and culinary content. His work has been featured on National Geographic Intelligent Travel,,, Saveur, Condé Nast Traveler, and Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why, which also includes the work of Tim Cahill, Doug Lansky, Jennifer Leo and Rolf Potts. He has also referenced his travel experiences in his solo book, Fancy Fast Food: Ironic Recipes with No Bun Intended.

For over ten years, Erik has traveled to the seven continents of the world — from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo — with a curiosity for exotic foods and a thirst for adventure (and writing material).  In his travels, he has been mugged at knifepoint in Cape Town, extorted by corrupt Russian police on the Trans-Siberian Railway, stranded in tornadic storms in the American midwest, and air-lifted off the Everest Trail by a helicopter that was thankfully paid for by his travel insurance.  But it hasn’t been all fun; he has also donned a tuxedo amidst the penguins of Antarctica, paraded with Carnival-winning samba school Beija Flor in Rio, run for his life at Pamplona’s “Running of the Bulls,” cage-dived with great white sharks, gotten shot point-blank in the stomach in Colombia (while wearing a bulletproof jacket), and above all, encountered many people around the world, including some Peruvian musicians in Cuzco who learned and played “Y.M.C.A.” at his request. He loves the irony that, after everywhere he’s been, he has never been to Mexico.

Erik writes stories and news articles when he’s at his base camp in New York City, and continues his blog when he is on the road — provided he’s not occupied tracking down lost luggage.

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