How Many Chickens are in Chicken, Alaska?

Erik travels to Alaska and the Yukon, with a stopover in one interesting little town, Chicken, for a full investigation. He’s determined to answer the question: dead or alive, how many chickens are in Chicken, Alaska?

Can the Heat of a Volcano Be Used to Power Holiday Lights?

Erik travels to the “big island” of Hawai’i, home of one of the world’s most active volcanoes, to answer the question: can the heat of a volcano be used to power holiday lights?

Is It Cold Enough to Turn Boiling Water into Snow?

Erik journeys through the boreal forest of Quebec, Canada on a dogsledding expedition with outfitter Aventuraid. The weather is so cold during the five days that curiosities arose on weather or not boiling water could freeze in the air. (Read more about this video on Erik’s article on National Geographic Intelligent Travel.)

Can a Finger Really Be Used to Stop a Leaky Dike?

Erik travels through the Netherlands, a European nation completely shaped by its relationship with water, wondering if the Dutch boy of Hans Brinker fame could have really heroically saved the country with just one finger. (Read more about this video on Erik’s article on National Geographic Intelligent Travel.)

Will a 14-lb. Bowling Ball Float in the Dead Sea?

Erik travels through the country of Israel to answer the question: Will a 14-lb. bowling ball float in the Dead Sea? (Read more about this video on Erik’s article on Discovery.com.)

How Can a Man Prepare Himself to Dance Through Fire Without Getting Burned?

Erik travels through different regions of Papua New Guinea, encounter local tribes, to answer the question: How can a man prepare himself to dance through fire without getting burned? (Read more about this video on Erik’s article on National Geographic Intelligent Travel.)

Can a Really Powerful Electromagnet Cut Through a Piece of Cheese?

Erik travels to the nuclear research center of CERN, on the border of France and Switzerland, to answer the question: Can a really powerful electromagnet cut through a piece of cheese? (Read more about this video on Erik’s article on Discovery.com.)

Can the Power of the Sun Pour a Cocktail from a Height of 72 Feet?

Erik travels to Gardens By The Bay in Singapore, to answer the question: Can the power of the sun pour a cocktail from a height of 72 feet? (Read more about this video on Erik’s article on Treehugger.com.)

Erik Gets Shot In Colombia

Erik gets shot point-blank in the stomach by a .38 caliber handgun while wearing a fashionable bulletproof leather jacket designed by Miguel Caballero, the “Armani of Bulletproof Apparel.” Miguel Caballero himself conducts the demonstration at his headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia. (This video corresponds to travel dispatch, “I Got Shot In Colombia And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt,” from December 2007.)

Silverback Gorilla Encounter

Erik gets up close and personal with a 300+ lb. silverback mountain gorilla in this POV footage shot in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. The video doesn’t look as tense and thrilling as the actual experience is in real life, although playing it over in slow motion helps a little. (This video corresponds to travel dispatch, “Damn Dirty Apes,” from January 2012.)

Eating Live Octopus in Korea

Erik samples the Korean delicacy of sannakji — live, squirming, octopus — in a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. (This video corresponds to travel dispatch, “Seoul Man,” from May 2010.)


Inspirational slideshow of highlighted photos from “The Global Trip 2004: Sixteen Months Around The World,” set to Rob Dougan’s “Born Yesterday” (instrumental). (October 2003 – March 2005)

How Do You Make Lichens Smile?

Erik travels to the lichen fields off the Skeleton Coast in the Namib desert to make the symbiotic organisms smile.


Would You?

Inspirational and motivational legacy video trailer for Erik’s first long-term, continuous around the world tour, “The Global Trip 2004: Sixteen Months Around The World (Or Until Money Runs Out, Whichever Comes First!)” (October 2003–March 2005). It showcases photos from Erik’s travels around the seven continents prior to late 2003, including Australia, Peru, Botswana, Europe, North America, and Antarctica.

Watch the legacy video

Erik Goes Down Under

Legacy travel video of a 17-day trip to Australia, going from Sydney to Melbourne, Uluru, and eventually to the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef out of Cairns. (approx. 12 min., May 2003)

Watch the legacy video

Erik Goes South For The Winter

Legacy travel video chronicling an 11-day tourist expedition cruise to the Antarctica Peninsula with Quark Expeditions. (approx. 17 min., February 2002)

Watch the legacy video



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